Chef Bear Bowls

Solid in Function, Beautiful in Form.

I am Chef Bear and I make wooden bowls.  Beautiful bowls, salad bowls, fruit bowls, everything bowls, your favorite bowl that you reach for everyday. Greener than Green, Righter than Rain, from West Virginia Hardwoods -- I made your Bowl.

Bridgeport Farmers Market Day

Damn near every Sunday we load up the truck and drive north to the Bridgeport Farmers Market.  When we started it we had no idea it would be as fun and dynamic a Family Event for us.   Otis, our Pug has really blossomed at market -- going to market is what he does best.  He has an Indian blanket he sits on and watches the people come and go very intently, calmly, watching soundlessly from his blanket.  He does well with other dogs and kids and old-ladies that come into the booth to see him.

 Otis / Odor (oh-dare) 

Otis / Odor (oh-dare) 

All photos taken by me ChefBear, on my iPhone, as life happens.